Scandinavia Motorcycle Trip Part 2

15 days, 7000 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Scandinavia Motorcycle Trip – Part 2

01 September 2016

Previous part here

Following 4 days spent in Szczecin with my family and friends, I set off again. This day wasn’t very interesting, I wasn’t stopping much as I was born in Poland and already seen a lot of places there. I never been to Mazury though, and since it was on my way anyway, decided to stop there for the night.


02 September 2016

While I was on the bike previous day, I noticed that my chain wasn’t very smooth. Once I woke up, I have put my bike on the jack stand and the difference between slack point and tight point in my chain was very bad. Apart from that I didn’t notice anything wrong with my chain, so packed my tent and set off to Lithuania.

The next stop was Hill of Crosses, near town Šiauliai in Lithuania.

Amazing place, after that I kept going to Latvia. It was very hot, so stopped on the beach in Jurmala.

Accidentally took a wrong turn when I was near Riga in the rush hours, and ended up in very bad traffic. Normally I filter through, but cars were so close it was hard to get through even on the bike.

Once I eventually got out from there, kept going to Estonia and stopped on the campsite near Tallin.


03 September 2016

Once I woke up, packed my tent and set off again. I made a mistake that I didn’t check the ferry times earlier, as I only just missed one and the next ferry to Helsinki was in an hour and half.

It was quite a chilled day, as I only spent afternoon on the bike and managed to get some rest on the ferry.

Finally arrived in Finland. Didn’t spend much time in Helsinki as I was tight with time if I wanted to make Nordkapp on this trip (I still didn’t think I would actually get that far at this point). The next stop was Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna.

It was starting getting late, but I wanted to get as far as I could while it was still light to make up some time, and ended up in Kuopio for the night.

I didn’t make many videos at this point yet, but here’s the trailer of the whole trip:







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