Scandinavia Motorcycle Trip Part 1

15 days, 7000 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Scandinavia Motorcycle Trip – Part 1

26 August – 11 September 2016

In summary:

  • 7000 miles in total (11.000km)
  • 1 motorbike (GSX650F restricted as I was still on A2 licence!)
  • 1 girl
  • 15 days but spent 4 days in Poland with family so 11 days of riding
  • 9 nights of camping
  • route: Glasgow – Dover – Calais – Szczecin (Poland), spent 4 days there – Mazury – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Finland – Norway – Nordkapp – Olderfjord – Tromso – Sweden – Lulea – back to Norway – Trondheim – The Atlantic Road – Trollstigen – Oslo – Malmo – bridge from Sweden to Denmark – Germany – Calais – Dover – Glasgow


On Friday 26th August 2016 I finished work at 5pm, went home, packed everything, loaded the bike and set off.

From my previous trip I learnt few things would become handy, such as a jack lift. Every around 500 miles I need to lube the chain in my bike – without the paddock stand I needed to push it to lube the whole chain, which was taking a lot of time. So I thought, well, I can’t take paddock stand with me but small jack lift wouldn’t take that much space and would make things a lot easier, and it made things easier.

Another thing, on my previous trip I have put my sat nav in my tank bag, so to check the sat nav I had to look down every time. It wasn’t really an issue, the biggest issue was that when sun was high up, it was shining on the transparent bit of the tank bag right into my sat nav, so I couldn’t see what’s on the sat nav at all – even at some point sun actually burnt a bit of sat nav so that screen was black, luckily once it cooled down it went back to normal and worked fine. Anyway, a sat nav holder to put sat nav more in front of me instead of the tank bag on my next trip was a good idea.

To make more space, I bought the sachets of shampoo and shower gel instead of taking full size bottles, and three travel size tubes of tooth paste (instead of big tube), but two would have been enough.

A rather big difference on this trip was that I was camping – on my previous trip I was sleeping in the hotels. The tent that I bought was Vango Helix 200, because of it’s size – it’s really small when packed and also the price was cheap enough. It is meant to be a two man tent, but I would say it’s rather a one man tent. It was enough for me though, after I put single air bed in it, bike luggage, my leathers and helmet there was no room for more. The tent was fine on the whole trip though and I will be taking it again on my next trip in May/June 2017.

Okay, so loaded the bike and set off from Glasgow to Dover.

Set off from Glasgow around 7pm, and rode around 500 miles to Dover without many breaks, was only stopping just as often as I needed fuel. Got to Dover just after 2am.

(pic – waiting for ferry).

Got on the ferry, pretty tired. After and hour and half arrived in Dover. Because of the time change, it was early in the morning when I got to France (around 5am). Still had a long way to go through France, Netherlands and Germany to get to Poland in the evening. It was really hot, must have been well over 30 degrees. I was tired, and at some point because of the heat I started feeling unwell, also probably from dehydration. Started stopping more often to try and cool down and to drink more water, couldn’t cool down though as it was hard to find any shade and even if there was a shade, it wasn’t much cooler than in the sun.

On a good side, this heat was better than my first trip through Germany in September 2015 – I rode all the way across Germany in torrential rain, it was so bad that it was hard to see anything, I was all soaked through and the rain wasn’t stopping at any point. I did about 400 miles in that rain. So, I couldn’t really complain about the heat as between these two I preferred to ride in this heat than torrential rain.

(pic taken as I was sitting in the shade trying to cool down at the petrol station somewhere in Germany).

At some point in Germany my bike went over 50.000 miles on the clock (I bought this bike 2 years ago with 7.500 miles on the clock):

Then I just kept going for the rest of the way to Poland, stopping to get petrol and for a small rest every now and then. Eventually got to Poland about 7 in the evening and went to see my father (it was my father’s house where I was staying for the next few days, he lives in Poland). Went for a bath, and my father did a barbecue. Sat on the garden and talked for couple hours, as I have not seen my father in about two years, but I was knackered so eventually went to bed.

The next 4 days I spent seeing my family and friends, so I won’t be writing much about it here.

Here’s the trailer of the whole trip:



37 thoughts on “Scandinavia Motorcycle Trip Part 1

  1. We love very much Nordkapp. It was one of the exciting road trip. We have made many road trips to Germany, France, Lichtenstein and some other countries. We love driving fast and it is possible legally in Germany! In Finland we have been nearly everywhere.

    Happy and safe driving!

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  2. Nice! But ot sort of breaks my heart to see that you missed the sweetest part of Norway – Lofoten and Helgeland Coast, e.g. everything south of Tromsø – just to go to Luleå. But, then you have an excuse to come back again! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is a reason for that as i got stuck in Tromso longer than planned and I needed to start heading back the quickest way so I didn’t manage to see everything I wanted, I will write about it later. But yeah, that’s an excuse to come back.

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  3. Wow, you are a true road warrior!!!! Awesome adventure! We like the way you inserted the map so we could track your travel. Great pictures and narration. It is going to be great fun traveling along with you and seeing your corner of world through your lens and words.

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  4. sullybiker

    I never thought of the lift for doing the chain. What sort of jack was it? Did you take a torque wrench for the axle nut, or just do it through feel?

    I have a love/hate relationship with chain-driven bikes because of this shit…


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