Gavia Pass, Stelvio Pass, Umbrail, Fuorn, Fluela – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 10

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 10

22/06/2016 – day 8 part 2

Malvaglia – San Bernardino Pass – Bernina Pass – Gavia Pass – Stelvio Pass – Umbrail Pass – Fuorn Pass – Fluela Pass – Amden

This is the last part of this trip. After I did the San Bernardino and Bernina Passes (previous part here), I then continued towards Gavia Pass. Weather was perfect.



And then to Stelvio Pass. My helmet cam kept switching itself off, so that was getting annoying as Stelvio was the pass that I was the most looking forward to. Still, managed to get most of it recorded.


After Stelvio it was time to start heading back home. As it was starting getting late in the afternoon, I decided to book a room in Amden, which was about 2 and half hours away from Stelvio. On the way there, managed to do Umbrail Pass, Fuorn Pass and Fluela Pass.

When I got to Amden, it turned out to be the nicest place where I stayed overnight on this trip. As I was always booking the cheapest rooms I could find, I wasn’t expecting much, but that one was the nicest. AmdenLodge – Bienenheim Naturhostel. View in the evening and in the morning:



Breakfast was included in price, so had my breakfast, packed the bike and started long way home.

First through Zurich, and then long way through France. It was so hot, I couldn’t stand riding in all my leathers any more. First, I took my gloves off. After a while my hands started getting tanned, I thought it will look weird later, and took my jacked off as well and strapped it to one of the panniers. For the rest of way through France I rode just in a top on. It didn’t help much though. It was so warm, that even at a speed of 100mph it was just as hot as standing still. At some point I overtook a group of bikers on the cruisers. A while later I had to stop to get fuel and some food, and they happened to stop there as well. They let me use their sun cream, as I was really starting to burn… Chatted for a while, one of them said that if he was on his own he wouldn’t be going that slow (I think he felt that being overtaken by a girl was a bit embarrassing haha). After a while I left and continued towards Calais. When I was not far away from Calais, weather started getting a bit cloudy, even tiny little bit of rain, but not too bad. Finally got on the ferry to Dover late afternoon.

This is how burnt I was:


Once arrived in Dover, first challenge was to put jacket on that burnt skin.. It was sore as hell. And then just had to ride through the night back to Glasgow. Got home about 5 in the morning. Good thing about having burnt skin was that because it was sore, it helped me to stay awake all night. Bad point, well, it was sore to touch for another week or so..




22 thoughts on “Gavia Pass, Stelvio Pass, Umbrail, Fuorn, Fluela – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 10

  1. arealwookie

    Good post! The Stelvio is magnificent – I have ridden it on my road bicycle 😉 Actually it was a virtual simulation on a bike trainer including gearing resistance. The L’Alpe d’Huez in France was much more difficult….Lol 🙂 So much better in real life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still need to write about my trip to Scandinavia that I did in September, and yeah planning to do my next trip in May or June, planning to do Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania and maybe some other countries depending on time


  2. Beautiful scenery and I’m glad you had fun on your trip! OUCH what a sunburn though, and probably not the last you’ll get riding even if you remember to carry sunscreen on the bike. I grow aloe vera plants, straight aloe juice on the burn not only soothes the skin but can help keep it from peeling. Thanks for sharing your travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, it’s Drift Stealth 2 that I’m using. I like it mainly because it just slides in instead of having to mount it with many bits like Go Pro and the lens rotates so even if you mount it at the angle, you can just rotate the lens to record straight. There is also Drift Ghost which is better quality than mine, but is bigger and more than twice more expensive, and the quality of Drift Stealth 2 is good enough for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sullybiker

    I can’t believe some of the distances you were doing, especially that last stint to Glasgow. I used to hate even driving from Hampshire up to North Yorks, I can’t imagine doing that overnight on a bike with sunburn….

    We get a few summer days here in Western Pennsylvania that are really dry and hot. It’s an unpleasant feeling going 80-90 and the air no longer cooling, but instead. heating you up.

    Liked by 1 person

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