San Bernardino Pass, Bernina Pass – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 9

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 9

22/06/2016 – day 8 part 1

Malvaglia – San Bernardino Pass – Bernina Pass – Gavia Pass – Stelvio Pass – Umbrail Pass – Fuorn Pass – Fluela Pass – Amden

After I did the Nufenen, Grimsel, Furka and Oberalp passes the previous day, I ended up in Malvaglia for the night. Mainly because there was the cheapest hotel in the area. I wasn’t too sure about that hotel at first (booked it through earlier) as it had ‘ristorante’ in the name, so I thought well, it sounds more like a restaurant not a hotel… But decided to book it anyway. At first I couldn’t find it, but eventually found it. It didn’t look too appealing, it was more like a pub and when I walked in some drunk people started talking to me, and I didn’t even know what they were saying. Nobody was speaking English, but finally checked in and went to my room. I was a bit worried about my bike, but they told me I can put it at the back of the building where I chained it up to the barrier.

As it was my first night in Switzerland, I just realised that I forgot to buy Swiss power adapter, so I had to use USB charger in my bike to charge my phones and camera. Well, the problem was that it was charging very slow as bike wasn’t running, and there was a risk of battery in my bike going down, but managed to get a little bit of charge.

Did the usual, shower, then checked the map to see where to go the next day, forecast was to rain.. and then went to sleep.

How wrong this forecast was though. Woke up with the sun in my window, not a single cloud in the sky:

.. Perfect. Loaded the bike and set off towards San Bernardino Pass. Just before the pass, stopped at the petrol station to get fuel and there was a big car park close by, so stopped there to clean and lube the chain in my bike. There was a small park too and a small wooden shop with sandwiches, so got my breakfast there (was amazing) and enjoyed the sun. Just after I finished, a bus of Chinese tourists arrived there and one of them started taking loads of pictures of me, wouldn’t say anything to me so I wasn’t too happy about it especially after I told him to stop and he continued. I was just about to leave anyway so went to do San Bernardino Pass.

It was the best pass I did on this trip. I don’t know if that’s because of weather, or because corners were just perfect, there were not many hairpin bends, but still nice and twisty, was just perfect (video at the end of this post).

Here are the pictures from San Bernardino and Bernina passes:


I will continue about the rest of that day in my next post.

And here’s the video:


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