Little St Bernard Pass, Mont Blanc – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 7

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 7

21/06/2016 – day 7 part 1

Bourg-Saint-Maurice – Little St Bernard Pass – Mont Blanc – Nufenen Pass – Grimsel Pass – Furka Pass – Oberalp Pass – Malvaglia

Once I woke up, got ready, packed the bike and set off. As there was a supermarket two minutes away, I decided to stop there to get something quick for breakfast and some food and juice for the day. Then set off towards Little St Bernard Pass. Unfortunately only after few minutes it started raining. Before I got on the pass, there was a petrol station, so stopped to get fuel and to clean and lube the chain in my bike. Then a group of bikers from UK appeared there, one of them on the same bike as me. Spoke to them about where I’ve been and where I’m heading to and where they been and where they are heading to, then they left, I finished lubing the chain and continued towards the pass.

It was raining and visibility was bad, so there were no any ‘breathtaking’ views on the pass, but visibility started getting better as I was going down the pass and rain stopped after a while.


Continued towards Mont Blanc, as I was getting near Mont Blanc tunnel I thought ‘wow’, especially that I didn’t think when setting off for this trip that I would actually ride through Mont Blanc, so it was rather exciting.


It was really warm in the middle of the tunnel, so it was a relief when I got out. Stopped for a small while in Chamonix, and then continued towards Nufenen Pass, which I will write about in my next post.



45 thoughts on “Little St Bernard Pass, Mont Blanc – Alps – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 7

    1. Thanks, it wasn’t really cold, as it was in June the temperature even at the top of mountain passes, even in wet weather was maybe about 15 degrees at the worst, but 30 degrees most times. I was riding in leathers, leathers itself don’t keep me warm, so I just wear thermals when I need to (didn’t have to on this trip as it was warm) and hoodies, and when it’s raining I put waterproofs over my leathers so they also keep me warm as they keep me away from rain, wind etc. That trip was in June and I did it in 9 days, couple months later I did another trip by myself to Norway (Nordkapp) and did 7000 miles on that trip in 15 days (11 days of riding).

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    1. It wasn’t actually cold, as it was June, it was just a bit wet that day. They are good bikes, I really want a “proper” touring bike, but at the moment I went the other way – recently bought a fireblade 900rr which I’m thinking to take for my next trip. I’m planning to go to Albania though and to some unpaved sort of roads, so sports bike really isn’t the best for it, but makes it more challenging and I like the challenge. One day though I will buy adventure / touring bike, probably before I go to Himalayas (next year possibly).

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  1. I have been riding for a while now but I still get really nervous about riding mountain passes in high altitude. You never know when that light rain will turn into Freezing Drizzle and turn the road to a black Ice skating Rink. Great stuff and thanks for sharing.

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    1. It was in June last year so it was quite warm, I don’t think it was ever below 15 degrees even at the top of mountain passes (30 degrees most times!), so in this temperature I don’t think it was possible for rain to freeze. Even in the weather like I had that day (wet most day) it was still pretty warm. I was more careful on the corners when wet, but all that really need to do is have good control of the bike, don’t make mistakes like pressing front brake on the corners, a little bit of back brake, and if you are nervous then go slow round the corners and you’ll be fine!

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  2. Wow, really missing my motorcycle now. I spent 6 years as a courier in London and yet I’ve never ridden abroad. I’d love to do a tour of Iceland and scenery in your pictures reminds a little of there. Maybe if I start planning now it might happen by the time my daughter is old enough to be looked after by just one. Anyway great blog 🙂

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  3. Thanks for coming by. I am also a female rider – I have a Harley which is unwell at the moment. Don’t have the money to repair at the moment, sadly! Some crazy places to ride over here, as small as we are – the roads are tiny, twisty and full of potholes but the scenery is amazing!

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  4. Marianne Guarena

    You are so crazy, girl! : ) Last time I got stuck in sleet I was miserable. All I had on was Under Armor and my leathers. I do not think I can fit much more between me and this cow suit. I need to lay off the Conversation Hearts candy. hehe The footage is amazing! Where do you think you will be in late May and when are you coming to California? Keep the pics coming, I am living vicariously through until it slows down here (I work in the motorcycle industry so we are crazy-busy right now). Then we are taking off. Have you thought about the Silk Road yet? We were just entertaining the idea but it seems pretty brutal. Take care : )

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    1. Hi, normally I can only spend about 4 weeks max 5 a year on touring, so I’m quite limited by time. I’m thinking to do two trips this year, about 2 weeks each. This year I want to do at least Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. Probably I will do one trip at the end of May or early June, and another one maybe in August. Then my next plan will be to do Himalayas possibly next year, I will probably need to use most of my holidays at once for that trip. Then I think I will want to go to Vietnam. I would love to do America but it seems so much hassle to have bike transported and it takes a lot of time, probably the only way would be to hire bike over there, so at the moment I want to just go where I can by land (or fairly short ferries). I was reading about Russia proposing superhighway connecting London with U.S., I don’t know how likely they are to build this but if they ever do, I would definitely want to ride through Russia and then to U.S.

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      1. Marianne Guarena

        Well, IMO the US is morning to tour compared to where you are planning to go (and have gone). The Mighty Five (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Zion) is worth it in Utah. You can always rent a bike (or buy one here and sell it). If I had an ADV bike I would let you borrow it if you came here. By that time,maybe I will have one. Your tour plans are remarkable! Truly pales what I have been on. Vietnam is pretty cool to see. I did Cambodia, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea and Mongolia (but Mongolia was by horseback). Still, your route is way cooler! I always wanted to go to the Himalayas. I am envious, but in a good way : ) Very admirable!


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  6. You are braver than I am. I have never ridden a bike. Your photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing them with your readers. They make up a little for traveling not done. Thanks for visiting my site. I am glad you enjoyed the post. MyraSaidIt

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