2016 Summary

I wasn’t going to write any posts like this, but then I thought why not. Since this blog is about my bike trips and other bike related things, it will be a ‘motorcycle summary’.

January 2016

1. New leathers

2. Took my wee cousin for his first ride

3. Rode in the snow (same as every winter anyway)


4. New tyres


5. First attempt at getting my knee down (almost..), my boyfriend ended up on the tree with smashed bike lol.

6. Charity run for RAH Children’s Ward

7. Charity Easter Egg Run



8. Season opening ride out


9. Had a shot on my boyfriends bike

10. Run to Green welly – Inveraray – ferry to Dunoon – Largs

11. Was about to set off for my European trip, but one night before I set off I started packing and was trying to find my passport, couldn’t find it, after an hour of looking for it I asked my mum if she seen it, she said no but told me to ask my sister, and she had it. As she was handing me it, she said that my passport expired so I had to cancel my trip, my holidays at work and wait until I get a new passport before I can go for a European trip.

12. Ride to Glencoe

13. Ride to Manchester to Polish embassy to apply for a new passport.

14. Just another ride out on the back roads

15. Ride to St Mary’s Loch

16. Just a quick run


17. Camping at Loch Lomond


18. Lake District trip

19. On the traffic lights, once light changed to green I set off and an idiot came flying (they went through the red light) well above speed limit and although they didn’t hit me (missed me by inches) I lost control on my bike and came off. I was ok but it left more scratches on my bike and broken indicator. Unfortunately I didn’t get their registration number so I couldn’t do anything about it.


20. Another charity ride out


21. After one of the night runs…

22. Finally got my knee down!


23. Ride on my favourite road


24. Finally set of for my European trip, and all went well this time.




25. Bought new bike (Fireblade 1998)

26. Got a bike birthday cake

27. Bought and fitted new exhaust can on the fireblade


28. Ride out after the funeral of Zak

29. Just another run

30. A woman reversed into my bike (Suzuki) and got my hire bike when they took my bike away for inspection. After couple weeks got my bike back and got paid from the insurance, Suzuki is a cat. D write off but it’s ok as I got paid for it.

31. Perth Bike Night


32. Passed Mod1 of my cat A licence (only had A2)

33. Failed Mod2 the following day

34. End of August – set off for my next European trip


34/ 35. European Trip first to Poland for few days then Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway to the very north – Nordkapp, then Tromso, a huge speeding fine of 1500 pounds, back at first through Sweden to Lulea then back to Norway but more south, the Atlantic Road, Trollstigen, and then back home through Oslo, to Sweden, bridge to Denmark, Germany, and back through England to Scotland.



36. Passed my Mod2 of cat A bike test and started riding the fireblade.

37. First run to work on it

38. New tyres


39. Had to defrost the seat


40. Charity Xmas night out (pic taken just as we came in all soaked through as we got caught in torrential rain on the way there)

41. Ordered new fairings for the fireblade

42. Started fitting them

43. Got most of the fairings on just need to paint the tank add heat shields get missing bolts fit front fender get new screen and drill holes for crash protectors.

44. Got new one piece leathers

45. Started sanding the tank to prepare it for painting


That’s it. Now just to paint the tank and finish doing everything I wanted to the fireblade to get it ready for new season and do more trips in 2017.


47 thoughts on “2016 Summary

  1. Awesome post! I have severe bike withdrawals after not riding over the holidays (we are away) so much so I stare at every bike that goes past like chocolate – love the one piece leathers – not for me but they fit you well. Keep posting 👌❤️


  2. Nice to meet you Roxy! 🙂
    I enjoyed reading about your biking adventures. I used to ride motorbikes myself and sold my classic 1959 Sunbeam a couple of years ago, which I inherited from my late father who loved bikes.
    All the best, happy new year! 🎆 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great photos! Love the blog. I haven’t had the time for a long bike ride in years. My bike is in the garage and gives me dirty looks every time I go out there. Maybe sometime soon I’ll get back on the road.

    Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours regularly

    Liked by 2 people

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