Andorra, Barcelona, Beziers – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 3

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 3

18/06/2016 – day 4

Woke up a bit later than planned, got everything packed, loaded the bike and left towards Tarragona.

The route I did that day was like this:


Andorra – Tarragona – Barcelona – Girona – Beziers

So I set of from Andorra, the weather was nice, and scenery was amazing. The only thing was traffic, which was really bad and it was hard to overtake. About half way to Tarragona roads started getting boring, scenery was not as interesting anymore but just kept going.

On the sat nav I didn’t set any specific place in Tarragona, it was just ‘Tarragona’ and I thought I would just ride round the town and find some nice place to stop when I get there, so I just kept going straight and ended up on… ferry terminal. The policeman at ferry terminal told me how to get to the town and ended up stopping at McDonalds as I was getting hungry. Got food (the menu was quite different from the one here in UK so tried some new things, can’t remember what) and then decided to not spend any more time here and head to Barcelona.

Set the sat nav for the beach in Barcelona and went there. While I was absolutely roasting in Tarragona, when I got to Barcelona, it was still dry at first, but after 5 minutes at the beach the rain started… Great. There was no point staying much longer since it was raining (I’m not a big fan of big cities anyway, I do my trips mainly to try some good roads, mountain passes and to see the scenery. If I had a lot of spare time then yes probably I would stay in towns longer but it’s not very exciting for me).

Started heading towards Lloret de Mar, I thought maybe the rain would stop but it didn’t and only got worse, so didn’t even stop there and just kept going to Girona. Spent only few minutes in Girona as the rain only stopped couple minutes before I got there and it looked as if it was going to start raining again, I have set my sat nav for Beziers and set of again. I wasn’t wrong, the rain started soon after and was getting even worse, then it got torrential. The sky was so dark and I rode in this torrential rain for quite a good while, half an hour or so. Had some issues at motorway toll on the border with France as I accidentally went into the ‘card only’ toll and it wouldn’t accept my card, so had to wait for someone to come to me and it took a lot of time. Got through eventually and kept riding in this rain for a while, eventually rain stopped and I stopped at the KFC to get food in some town.

It was 8pm already and I still didn’t book any hotel, as I was struggling with internet connection earlier and just didn’t know how far I would get today. While at KFC, booked some hotel in Beziers eventually and went there.

When I got to Beziers I was struggling to find this hotel but found it eventually and checked in. Quick shower, bed, quick look at the map to see where to head to the next day and finally sleep.



25 thoughts on “Andorra, Barcelona, Beziers – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 3

  1. I guess each to his/her own, but I did something like this once around Lancashire, Cumbria, Northumberland, Durham on my cycle, and …………. hardly saw anything. Head down, grind it out, 100 miles a day, saw nowt, remember nowt. An achievement of endurance, but not much else to look back on!


  2. Bet you had a sore bum after all that!! Loved the video, I’d rather hear the bike than that music however ;).

    What Camera are you using? The battery seems to be long lasting? I’ll follow you now enjoying the rides 🙂


    1. It was just my shoulders and back that was getting a bit sore, not too bad though. It’s Drift Stealth 2 that i’m using, battery only lasts 3 hours but every time i stop i plug it to usb charger in my bike so it charges a bit before i set off again.

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      1. I rode bikes for a few years, sadly my legs no longer enable me to ride (I’d fall over when I stop). I loved the freedom of the bike no the rides but hated the cold. I now drive a classic mini, great fun.


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