Pyrenees – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 2

9 days, 4350 miles, 1 girl, 1 motorbike – Pyrenees and Alps – Part 2

17/06/2016 – day 3

My previous post was about the start of this trip. I finished on when I got to Pau in France. Before I went to sleep, I looked at my map with markers and decided that in the morning I will head to Gavarnie and do mountain pass Col des Tentes.

The route from this day was like this:


Pau – Gavarnie – Col des Tentes – Gavarnie – Col du Tourmalet – Arreau – a bit towards Spain – back to Arreau – Vielha – Sort – Andorra

Below is my first video from this trip, the music is really bad in it as I had problems with YouTube removing copyrighted music as I learnt later.

It was exciting to see mountains after so many miles of motorways, and the closer I was getting to them the more exciting the ride was getting.


Then I got to Gavarnie and stopped for a wee bit:


And then set off to do my first mountain pass, Col des Tentes:


The views at the top were breathtaking. Went back to Gavarnie and looked at the map. Decided to head towards Vielha. My sat nav was showing me a long route round using the motorways (apparently the fastest route) but I didn’t want to use motorways. Looked closer at the map and I could see some road through the mountains, so took that route.


Stopped at the Tourmalet:


The were quite a few other bikers there that I spoke to and who took me a picture (also had a picture with a cyclist statue but I think I lost it).

EDIT – found it:


Then I kept going towards Vielha, at some point I was meant to take a turn but decided to keep going straight simply because road was so nice to ride and mainly because I wanted to follow the sun and it looked sunny if I kept going straight, also views looked really good so I thought I would keep going straight and see what’s there. And I wasn’t wrong, road was amazing, so was weather and so were views. However as soon as I crossed the border to Spain torrential rain started and I turned back to Arreau and kept going to Vielha. Stopped to have something to eat, had Spaghetti that was really good – it was one of not many times that I actually had something proper to eat during this trip as normally I just have some quick food. Then I kept going to Sort and ended up in Andorra.



When I was in Vielha or Sort I checked hotel booking map and again was looking for the cheapest hotels I could find. Here I was really lucky – a 4 star hotel for £20 pounds. Usually the prices for 2 star hotels were at least £30/35, so £20 for a 4 star hotel was really cheap. Below is the only picture I took (bed was really comfy!)


If I was going to do this trip again, I would have spent at least one more day in Pyrenees. As I realised later, after I came back home, I missed many good roads. Maybe I will come back there one day. On a good side I managed to do a lot mountain passes in Alps where views were a lot more breathtaking, and got as far as Stelvio.  If I spent more time in Pyrenees then I would never make it as far as Stelvio on this trip.


30 thoughts on “Pyrenees – Europe Motorcycle Trip Part 2

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  2. You rode right through my little home town (Sant Julià de Lòria) in Andorra and my other temporary residence (at La Seu d’Urgell) 🙂
    You’ve been fortunate to find a very mild winter here, since most past years many of these roads are covered with snow .


  3. I Am The Change

    This is the kinda life I crave for…life in the hills, life on the roads, life under the open air! And you pics so make me wanna run away there! You have captured such great mnets of your graet journey. Feeling as if I am living those moments too!, even if I cannot be there

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow – looks absolutely amazing! The last time I was on a motorbike was nearly 35 years ago on holiday in Corfu. I had an accident and fractured my pelvis and have never been on one since.. However, your trip does look spectacular! Thanks for following my blog too! x

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Great photos. Riding in the Pyrenees is amazing, the roads and great and the views stunning. Like you I’d love to get back and do more riding there. Interesting that the cycling statue wasn’t there when I went though in early June.


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