This is my first post on this blog, so first I will quickly introduce myself. I’m Roxy, 21 years old female motorcyclist passionate about bikes, bike travels, other bike ride outs and adventures, that loves riding bikes, and if it ever happens that I’m not riding them, then also looking at bikes, reading about bikes, talking about bikes,  visiting websites about bikes oh, and riding bikes. Bikes currently owned: Suzuki GSX650F 2008 and Honda Fireblade 1998. Now you may think, 21 years old, surely can’t have much experience?

Well, bike is my main method of transport so I’m using it daily, covering minimum 20,000 miles a year. All year round, in sun, rain, snow, ice, when it’s light and when it’s dark.

I started riding bikes in Spring 2013, that’s when I got my first bike, Honda CBR 125 2004. Covered 18k miles on it in over a year on a provisional licence, then passed my A2 test and started riding the GSX in August 2014. Covered over 50k miles on it in two years, and then passed my cat A test and bought the Fireblade (only did about 200 miles on it so far). That’s nearly 70k miles done since Spring 2013, so I may actually have some bike experience.

Now about the blog… It will be about my travels around Europe, other bike adventures and anything bike related.

At first I will write few post about my two biggest trips around Europe that I did in June (4500 miles) and September (7000 miles) this year on my own.


65 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Nice to meet you…
    I’ve had a fair few bikes in my time. Yamaha 1200, Honda VFR, BMW GS1200 and some more. Currently not a bike owner… but keep looking at them and wondering! Like the look of those lovely red Ducatis.
    Stay safe – that’s a mighty machine you have!

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