New website.

Hello. I haven’t posted here for a while. I have decided to start from scratch and created new FB page: and new website-blog: I will be shutting down this one soon.

I have a lot to write about!

  • 2016 trip to Pyrenees & Alps (that I already wrote about in this blog, so I will copy most of it over).
  • 2016 trip to Scandinavia. 7000 miles in 2 weeks. I have started writing about it in this blog, and I will continue on my new website.
  • 2017 trip to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. ~4500 miles.
  • 2018 trip to Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy (including Sicily). 6500 miles in 17 days.

Something big is coming soon. I have been travelling Europe only so far.

I have decided to take one (or five!) steps further and started planning solo round-the-world trip that I’m hoping to do in the next year or two. I’m hoping to cover all continents (maybe except Antarctica however I would love to find a way to cover that too!).

If you want to stay up to date about my trips, like my new FB page or visit my new website.